Cosmetic Chair KL-Venus (4 Motors) three collours

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The KL-Venus treatment chair by P Clinic is made from the highest quality materials that are possible for a treatment chair.
The lounger is upholstered in a very high quality PU synthetic leather which is resistant to UV light and various chemicals.
The foam, on the other hand, is very comfortable and ergonomic and, in combination with the memo foam, offers a great feeling of lying and sitting.
The Saturn has a length-adjustable headrest with a nostril for a soothing back and neck massage.
The retractable headrest is equipped with a soft feather pillow to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
Technical specifications:

Length 186 cm - 200 cm

Width with armrests 80 cm

Width without armrests 60 cm

Height minimum 62 cm

Height maximum 88 cm

Colors: White, Blue / White, Mint / White

The load capacity of this treatment chair is 200 kg