KL Elegant - 4 (Motoren)

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Beauty bed KL- Elegant 

Elegant and stable beauty and treatment bed with comfortable mattress and head cushion. Extremely robust construction. With this bed you receive a professional  and efficient equipment for a long term use to excel in your business. 

 - Back, foot, height an seat angle can be adjusted with controller

 - The mattress and head cushion provide best comfort

 -  All parts are quality assured 

 - The motors are very quiet and resilient 


 - The assembly is not required

Technical description:  

 Motors:                       4 (1xheight, 1x back, 1xfoot 1xseat angle)   

 Mattress width:           14 cm

 Length:                      200 cm   

 Width:                        62 cm   

 with Arm rest:            85 cm

 Height:                       up 60 cm to 80 cm  

 Weight:                      80 kg

 Warranty:                   24 months

 Weight load:               200 kg