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Hairdresser literally means hairdresser. The word "barber" in English also applies to the barber. As a hairdresser, he not only cut his hair and shaved his salon customers. He has also done a number of other cosmetic procedures - from trimming the eyebrows to removing hair that grows on the ears, to getting out of the nose.
Nowadays, the traditions of barbers are increasingly returning to their offices. There are more and more offices where customers can not only care for their hair, but also their facial hair.
Following this trend, we introduced a new product - a Barbers' Chair. It is a modern, perfectly crafted piece of furniture that offers the customer maximum comfort during the treatments. In addition to the height adjustment, the chair has an adjustable backrest and an adjustable footrest. Despite the small size, it is possible to put the customer in a comfortable reclining position. The comfortable seat is covered with high-quality artificial leather. The wide, chromed base guarantees the stability of the furniture during work. Another advantage is the easy adjustability of the headrest.